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Elegant Solutions

We know how to Design For Manufacturing (DFM) for a smooth transition over to our production partners. From designing electronic circuitry to building the enclosure for your device, our engineers will design your circuity while optimizing the space requirements.


Our engineers put focus on code portability, modularity, and maintainability. This means that when we're done with your project, you will have well written firmware/software that is easy to modify with new features.

IoT Cloud

More and more products are moving services to the cloud. To stay competitive we've helped a variety of customers upgrade existing products to utilize the Internet of Things (IoT). With this, not only have our clients been able to collect and analyze data from their remote devices, they've been able to control their remote devices!

Mobile App

Our app developers are ready to connect your widget to your customers' mobile devices. We support both Android and iOS development as well as Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Project Management & Documentation

Do you already have the developers, but need someone technical to drive the innovation? Ki-Den can lead your team from concept into production with proper documentation and best practices.


Our Process

Six Phases to Go!

Phase 1: Concept
Our engineers will work with you through a process involving some research and little conversation as they extract that idea from your head.
Phase 2: Spec
At this stage our product designers will identify the specific needs of your product based on the goals you want to achieve. This is an important step before we move to the design phase. It may involve some sketches and a more detailed conversation regarding data collection, cloud services, and product connectivity (e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi).
Phase 3: Design
Once our engineers have a concept and the specifications, they can get to work on designing your prototype. During this phase, we will be focusing in on the final product, with the primary goal being to solidify the functionality and integration of your product.
Phase 4: Prototype
At this stage the design has been finished and our engineers are ready to build your prototype. The prototype will give us the opportunity to test your product in the field to confirm that everything is working. In the beginning the edges may be a little rough and the software may have bugs, but by the end of this stage our engineers will know what's needed to finish.
Phase 5: Refine
Your prototype has gone through an extensive process of testing, breaking, fixing, and retesting and now our engineers are ready to build the real, consumer-ready version. During this stage we will be focusing on fixing any remaining bugs from the prototype stage, refining the edges and design of the physical product itself, and optimizing your product for mass production.
Phase 6: Release
The final product is in, the manufacturing specs are ready, all that's left is sending it off to the manufacturer. It's time to release your invention to the public, and we're as excited about it as you are!

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