Example One Engineering & Design| Learn More Our Work Our mission is to provide elegant engineering services and solutions by designing robust products that stay in the field thereby eliminating RMA and redesign costs.

Developing Your Next Project

Ki-Den runs lean! We’ve eliminated a lot of the typical overhead costs found with most product development firms.

Our network includes seasoned engineers with the skills needed to complete your project. From concept to production, our team is here for you. With years of experience and an outstanding track-record of success, the products we put in the field stay in the field!

We work hard to make the right design choices that align with your organization’s goals, and we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and dedication to our clients. As one of our clients, your project will always be treated with a sense of urgency.
Electrical Engineering

We know how to Design For Manufacturing (DFM) for a smooth transition over to our production partners. From designing electronic circuitry to building the enclosure for your device, our engineers will design your circuity while optimizing the space requirements.

Firmware Development

Our engineers put focus on code portability, modularity, and maintainability. This means that when we're done with your project, you will have well written firmware/software that easy to modify with new features.

IoT Cloud Services

More and more products are moving services to the cloud. To stay competitive we've helped a variety of customers upgrade existing products to utilize the Internet of Things (IoT). With this, not only have our clients been able to collect and analyze data from their remote devices, they've been able to control their remote devices!

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