Serving Our Clients

Serving our clients is our number one priority. We live by the saying, "Treat your customers with a sense of urgency, or else someone else will". We are responsive to our clients needs and operate with an organized approach to every project.

"It can't be done" is not part of our vocabulary

  • Ki-Den is heavily focused on education and learning new practices to better serve our clients by allowing us to provide new innovative and efficient solutions for their projects!

  • If there is problem, then we believe we can find the solution. Whether it be in-house or through one of our partners, we are here to find a way to make it work for you!

The Ki-Den Difference

Reliable  Our customers are always treated with a sense of urgency. The success of your business is fundamental to the success of ours.

Adaptable  We are constantly adapting to new technology and implementing the latest practices into our work.

Inventive – No matter the problem, we will find a solution. "It can't be done" translates to "game on" at Ki-Den.

Smart  This is a highly technical practice and it requires the best of the best. Our team contains brilliant engineers, coders, and product designers

Proven – Our process has proven successful for business after business. Our team is reliable and eager to surpass your goals. Visit the Our Work page for the proof!

Elegant – We don't build clunky Rube-Goldberg machines. We find the most cost effective and straight-forward solutions to achieve your goals.

Our Founder


Our founder, Joe Kissell, has been involved in technology from a very young age. He started programming before even entered high school. During high school, he started his first business wiring and programming LCD controllers for customers wanting to bring MP3s into their vehicles (the days of Napster). The LCDs were used to display song artist and title information on the vehicle's dashboard.

Joe has spent many years developing a variety of wireless solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). He's implemented solutions using everything from satellite and telemetry to WiFi and Bluetooth. With the huge number of devices coming online in today's world, his expertise and experiences make him a valuable asset to most modern engineering projects.

Other than his three children, some of his proudest accomplishments are teaching himself to rebuild engines in cars, jetskis, and motorcycles and also installing 12.69kW of solar panels onto the roof of his home in Lenexa, KS.

Joe founded Ki-Den because he wanted to build a fun and exciting place for inventors to have their ideas brought to life by developers that enjoy the challenges and new knowledge learned from each project. It is important to Joe to serve both his developers and customers alike. When problems arise, you'll find him rolling up his sleeves and asking where he can jump in.

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