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Rehab360 KneeGlider

The Rehab 360 Knee Glider is a progressive mobile rehab tool that allows for patients to get quality therapy treatment at home. Rehab 360 wanted to improve their therapy by keeping track of patient results using biofeedback technology.

That is where Ki-Den came into play by designing a solution that measures distance across a magnetic strip on the inside rails of the Knee Glider. This technology allows us to track a user's progress by performing calculations and keeping track of repetitions during physical therapy exercises.

The information collected is sent via Bluetooth to a mobile app that we developed and it prepares reports to be sent out to the patient's therapist or physician.

Dekor WiFi Dimmer

This product allows for home automation and smart lighting control. The mobile app allows for On/Off functions, Brightness Control and Scheduling of LED lighting. Additionally, Ki-Den integrated voice control into this product by utilizing Google Home and Amazon Alexa services.
Other experience
Beyond providing LED lighting solutions for a variety of prominent marine manufacturers, our members have served on the committee for defining NMEA 2000 messages for lighting on marine vessels.
Civacon Overfill Probe
Civacon Overfill probe was a safety critical device. These probes are fluid level sensors that had a long and notorious history of failing (before Ki-Den's lead engineer was involved) under a variety of conditions. Our lead engineer collected and processed large amounts of data that was then utilized to devise solutions that he successfully implemented in the firmware.
Elecsys Watchdog Scout
The Elecysys Watchdog Scout uses cellular modems and satellite technology to monitor and protect oil & gas pipelines in remote areas.
Garmin GMI-10
Worked alongside Garmin's engineers to create the GMI-10. Imagine having one digital gauge capable of replacing every analog instrument on your vessel!
Garmin NMEA 2000 Adapters
Garmin NMEA 2000 Adapters are 5 designs in 1. These are sensors that report data to the GMI-10. Our lead engineer was the primary firmware developer on this product, which won a Pittman Innovation Award.
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